About Spiritual Israel Tours

Spiritual Israel Tours is a professional tour company, specializing in innovative spiritual tourist packages to Israel, from the world over. The professional team of Spiritual Israel Tours includes some of the best talents and professionals in the field of New Age and spiritual tourism, who have a vast experience, and many satisfied clients from around the world.

Our goal is to provide our clients with an authentic and meaningful spiritual experience, alongside a high level of tourist production, for those looking for what´s beyond the typical tourist experience.

For that purpose, we have recruited the best guides, talents and content providers, and we have built innovative tourist packages, based on the ´state of the art´ spiritual experience, that matches the style of the modern high profile tourists.

The Land of Israel, The Holy Land of the Bible, has many unique and powerful spiritual sites, some are more famous and some almost unknown, all with magnificent beauty, that fill you up with inspiration and positive energies.

The typical tourist is sometimes exposed to the beauty of the sites, and sometimes enjoys hearing and understanding a bit of the history of the place. Yet, the great majority of tourists don´t merit to enter, feel and connect with the deep experience the site can offer, usually because of pressuring itinerary.

Spiritual Israel Tours will provide you with a tourist experience that´s different from anything you´ve ever experienced before, in Israel or anywhere else. We´ll make you feel and connect with the beauty and power of the enchanted sites we´ll visit, in an ongoing retreat that will provide you with wisdom and experience that will enrich your lives long after.

The tourist packages and retreats of Spiritual Israel Tours are the perfect getaway that will charge your soul with vitality, inspiration and renewal.

Spiritual Israel Tours also specializes in producing seminars on contemporary Jewish spirituality, Kabbalah, and mystical-esoteric ancient traditions for groups from around the world and in different languages.

In addition, Spiritual Israel Tours specialize in producing memorable Jewish spiritual events in highest standards of production. The events are very spiritually uplifting and meaningful.

We specialize in matching the perfect location, content, team and concept, to the production of events such as Kabbalistic weddings, Bat & Bar Mitzvahs in Israel, marriage renewals, special personal days, and more.

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